The decree that protects the leather

On June 26, 2020 was published in the Official Journal (General Series No. 160) the LEGISLATIVE DECREE No. 68 of June 9, 2020 which contains precisely:

"New provisions regarding the use of the terms «leather», «cowhide» e «fur» and those derived from them or their synonyms and the related sanctioning discipline, pursuant to Article 7 of Law No. 37 of May 3, 2019 - European Law 2018".

Through the decree, Law No. 1,112 of December 16, 1966 was repealed. After 54 years, therefore, a correct definition of the terms "leather", "cowhide" and "fur" and derivates has been established, prohibiting their improper use for all those materials or artifacts composed of materials that do not correspond to the definitions provided by the regulation. It will no longer be possible to use terms such as eco-leather, vegan leather and similar, usually used to indicate synthetic materials and not real leather.

For those who do not comply with the decree, penalties are foreseen ranging from a minimum of 1,500 € to a maximum of 20,000 €. Among the behaviors that will be punished are the lack of label or marking and the use of these that do not comply with the requirements: retailers will have the task of verifying the presence of the label and checking the information contained therein, so that it corresponds to that indicated on the invoice. In case of violation, distributors will also have to pay fines.

This decree will come into force on October 24, 2020: a revision that comes after 54 years with much expectation from the Italian tanning sector and, in general, from the whole leather supply chain.

What are the advantages of real leather?

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